About Randall Cecola

A business executive who has founded, advised, and overseen a wide variety of industrial manufacturing and customer service enterprises, Randall Cecola presently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Triumph Packaging Group, Inc., a folding carton and packaging supplier located in Lake Forest, Illinois. Mr. Cecola concurrently holds top-level positions at the wholesale supplier Kallahan Marketing Group and at Trovare Capital Group, a Barrington, Illinois, investment firm that specializes in both private equity transactions and corporate advisory services. Until recently, Randall Cecola also acted as Chairman of the energy research and development company Caviton Energy Services.

A graduate of West Lafayette, Indiana’s Purdue University, Randy Cecola found initial success in the financial mortgage industry, acquiring distressed loan portfolios and turning them around for a profit. Other positions held by Mr. Cecola over the course of his 24-year career include Vice President of Corporate Development at GE Capital and a CEO post at The Choice For Staffing, a Chicago, Illinois, agency that facilitates the hiring of temporary and full-time employees.

When he is not working, Randall Cecola is active with a variety of charities and humanitarian organizations such as Run for Cancer, the Salvation Army, and the Allendale Association, a Lake Villa, Illinois, nonprofit agency dedicated to serving the needs of young people with moderate to severe emotional and behavioral problems. In addition to his charitable endeavors, Randy Cecola is a tremendous supporter of youth education. From 2002 to 2005, he sat on the Board of Trustees at Elgin Academy in Elgin, Illinois. Mr. Cecola also makes regular contributions to Illinois’ educational institutions such as Loyola Academy, Lake Forest Academy, and Holy Cross School.


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