Randall Cecola: Creating a Win-Win Situation Optimizes Opportunity for a Long-Term Relationship

With significant experience in leadership and finance, Randall Cecola specializes in the turnaround and successful management of distressed businesses. Active in his community, Randy Cecola supports such charitable organizations as Run for Cancer and the Salvation Army.

A win-win situation defines a scenario in which both the seller and buyer believe they benefit from a negotiation or transaction. In today’s uncertain economic climate, some salespeople try to make the most of each sale with big profits (a win-lose situation), while others settle for slim margins or even losses in the hopes of evening the score with future sales (a lose-win situation). Both outcomes, however, generally yield few sales advantages for the future. For instance, customers who overspent on a deal tend to turn to other sources for later purchases, while customers who paid low prices in the past expect similar treatment for subsequent transactions.

A win for a customer represents a good value for his or her money. The customer receives products or services on time and without incurring unexpected disruption or aggravation. In a win-win deal, the seller responds to questions or provides assistance readily. The seller also benefits in this scenario because he or she earns fair compensation for time and goods or services while bolstering reputation and the opportunity for additional sales.


About Randall Cecola

Randy Cecola holds over 24 years of experience as a business leader in several industries. Serving in the real estate industry from 1987 to 1993, he gained diverse experience in developing company polices and implementing strategic business procedures to maximize profits.Randy Cecola subsequently transitioned his career to join The Choice For Staffing, Inc. as Chief Executive Officer. While with The Choice For Staffing, Mr. Cecola founded The Darwin Technology Group, Inc., a consulting company for the information technology industry. Randy Cecola actively spearheaded the strategic development plans and financial strategies for the company. His responsibilities included offering comprehensive management support for the company’s general operations.
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