Randall Cecola: Instilling Work Ethics in Kids Fosters Long-Term Goals, Achievement (part 2)

A business and community leader, Randall Cecola supports such institutions as Holy Cross School, Lake Forest Academy, Willow Creek Community Church, and the Salvation Army. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Triumph Packaging Group, applying his business acumen to helping companies and nonprofits reach their organizational objectives. Randy Cecola also provides financial counseling to families and individuals in his community through the Good $ense Movement and contributes to the Allendale Association, which helps troubled youth and their families.

Part 1 of this article discussed some of the issues that lead to work ethic deficiencies in children. Parents sometimes feel too overwhelmed by the ongoing resistance of their kids as well as their own daily pressures to set boundaries requiring their children to handle such tasks as chores and schoolwork on their own. As a result, many kids believe they are entitled to rewards without participating in functions critical to the operation of the household and even their own future opportunities.

Parents who value work on its own merit and expect their children to contribute to the family by completing chores actually help their children grow in self-esteem. Small, everyday successes add to a feeling of well-being and involvement that promotes forward-thinking acceptance of basic competencies. To foster accomplishment, parents fare best by presenting chores and schoolwork as necessary, routine components in the overall security of the family.


About Randall Cecola

Randy Cecola holds over 24 years of experience as a business leader in several industries. Serving in the real estate industry from 1987 to 1993, he gained diverse experience in developing company polices and implementing strategic business procedures to maximize profits.Randy Cecola subsequently transitioned his career to join The Choice For Staffing, Inc. as Chief Executive Officer. While with The Choice For Staffing, Mr. Cecola founded The Darwin Technology Group, Inc., a consulting company for the information technology industry. Randy Cecola actively spearheaded the strategic development plans and financial strategies for the company. His responsibilities included offering comprehensive management support for the company’s general operations.
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