Randall Cecola: Instilling Work Ethics in Kids Fosters Long-Term Goals, Achievement (part 1)

An expert at fostering profitability for companies, Randall Cecola facilitates improved business processes aimed at the turnaround of distressed organizations. He serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Triumph Packaging. In addition to his corporate endeavors, Randy Cecola supports community and counseling efforts aimed at garnering financial and emotional stability for families and individuals.

Many parents express frustration and concern about their children’s apparent lack of work ethics. In truth, kids learn work ethics from the examples and lessons provided by those around them. Fortunately, parents usually resolve this problem by setting boundaries and expectations.

For most families, children perform a minimal number of chores compared to those required of their parents at the same age. Families today often strive to keep their kids focused on academics and extracurricular activities; the time spent on both functions tends to be much increased in recent years as parents spur their children toward more impressive pre-collegiate resumes. Moreover, a growing number of children live in one-parent homes or homes in which both parents work. Exhaustion and a lack of family time sometimes lead parents to “pick their battles.” Without clear expectations, their children place little value on efforts that do not prompt public commendation.

Read Part 2 of this article to learn more about instilling work ethics in kids.


About Randall Cecola

Randy Cecola holds over 24 years of experience as a business leader in several industries. Serving in the real estate industry from 1987 to 1993, he gained diverse experience in developing company polices and implementing strategic business procedures to maximize profits.Randy Cecola subsequently transitioned his career to join The Choice For Staffing, Inc. as Chief Executive Officer. While with The Choice For Staffing, Mr. Cecola founded The Darwin Technology Group, Inc., a consulting company for the information technology industry. Randy Cecola actively spearheaded the strategic development plans and financial strategies for the company. His responsibilities included offering comprehensive management support for the company’s general operations.
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