How To Tell If It’s Seasonal Depression Or Just A Bad Mood

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Randall Cecola – Distressed Investors Look To Detroit

Randall Cecola founded and served as CEO of The Darwin Technology group. Having purchased Triumph Packaging Group, a provider of paper products to the food and cosmetic industries, at public auction, Randall Cecola currently serves as the group’s CEO. Randy Cecola quickly turned the company, which had a history of bankruptcy and financial difficulties, into a profitable business.

As hedge fund investors look to distressed companies and businesses, the automotive capital of the world suddenly offers new value. Detroit is seen by specialized, high-risk hedge funds as an alternative to distressed businesses: a distressed city. As banks and other hedge funds continue to transform failing corporations into profitable ventures, the field of distressed investments grows narrower every day.

Now, however, failing governments across the country are being viewed as potential investments, with payouts big enough to encourage hundreds of millions of dollars in up-front capital. Recently Jefferson County, Alabama, saw a $600 million debt wiped away by a private investment firm. Detroit’s long-term debt, though, is on another level, at close to $9 billion. If the city eventually files for bankruptcy, it will be viewed by hedge funds as potentially the biggest payout in the history of distressed investments. Once the fifth largest city in America, Detroit has a population of less than 800,000 and, in some areas, does not have the basic resources available to fix broken streetlights.

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Randall Cecola – Hedge Funds Look to Distressed Investments

Randall Cecola currently has managerial control over all operations at Triumph Packaging Group Inc., the most comprehensive packaging solutions company in America. In addition to distributing foldable food cartons and paper products for the cosmetics and personal care industries, Randy Cecola and Triumph Packaging offer elite merchandising methods that help in effectively developing new brands, product extensions, and marketing platforms. Randall Cecola studied industrial management and engineering at Purdue University.

As national regulators encourage banks to refrain from making investments in distressed properties and businesses, hedge funds have started to adopt the practice. Distressed companies are those that have already accumulated an extensive amount of debt or declared for bankruptcy. These businesses can be saved by investors who restructure the financial structure of the company and help it to become profitable.

Banks are regulated in how much they can invest, and so there is a risk that they might not be able to make the distressed assets profitable again. Without capital limitations to answer to, hedge funds and other private investors can commit the necessary resources to turning a struggling business around.

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Randall Cecola: Creating a Win-Win Situation Optimizes Opportunity for a Long-Term Relationship

With significant experience in leadership and finance, Randall Cecola specializes in the turnaround and successful management of distressed businesses. Active in his community, Randy Cecola supports such charitable organizations as Run for Cancer and the Salvation Army.

A win-win situation defines a scenario in which both the seller and buyer believe they benefit from a negotiation or transaction. In today’s uncertain economic climate, some salespeople try to make the most of each sale with big profits (a win-lose situation), while others settle for slim margins or even losses in the hopes of evening the score with future sales (a lose-win situation). Both outcomes, however, generally yield few sales advantages for the future. For instance, customers who overspent on a deal tend to turn to other sources for later purchases, while customers who paid low prices in the past expect similar treatment for subsequent transactions.

A win for a customer represents a good value for his or her money. The customer receives products or services on time and without incurring unexpected disruption or aggravation. In a win-win deal, the seller responds to questions or provides assistance readily. The seller also benefits in this scenario because he or she earns fair compensation for time and goods or services while bolstering reputation and the opportunity for additional sales.

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Randall Cecola on Using Crowdfunding for Creative Financing

An experienced business professional, Randall Cecola specializes in leadership, business development, and the turnaround process for distressed businesses. Randy Cecola has held a number of key leadership positions over his 25 year executive career, including chief executive officer of Darwin Technology Group, The Choice for Staffing, and Triumph Packaging Group.

Small businesses can experience resistance from banks, due to lack of profit and elevated risk levels. In a precarious economical situation, traditional loan products may not be accessible to new businesses, personal finances sometimes do not provide enough capital, and not everyone has the right business relationships or promise of profit to attract investors. In recent years, creative financing solutions have slowly infiltrated the market. Micro-lending, peer-to-peer lending, and crowdfunding have grown in popularity over recent years.

The concept of crowdfunding is simple and attractive. Ventures turn directly to the public for donations and investments, sometimes through Internet portals such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. In return for the investments and donations received, companies may offer rewards, shares, or updates to investors. Donation amounts may be small, but the exposure gained through crowdfunding can prove instrumental in raising funds quickly, and a viral crowdfunding campaign can provide significant positive exposure for a venture.

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Randall Cecola: “Reviving the Old Adage—Turning Lemons into Lemonade”

Lemonade Sitting on Arm RestThe CEO of Triumph Packaging Group, Randall Cecola was instrumental in shifting the company’s financial distress. Under the leadership of Randy Cecola, Triumph Packaging Group now experiences profitability, innovation, and efficient operational standards.

Failure and disappointment walk uninvited into every life and every business venture. These factors infiltrate business partnerships, product ranges, and all manner of corporate experiments. There are practical ways to apply the old adage “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” to daily business practices. Each loss or failed experiment can become a positive educational process, albeit a sometimes expensive one. When work life delivers lemons, one can use them to make the next venture a great success.

If one loses a client, the next step could involve scheduling a meeting and initiating a debriefing. Professionals should not ignore the valuable information about their business practices that a client gives by requesting an end to the relationship. Sometimes, the fit is simply wrong; other times, an aspect of one’s service or delivery may lack necessary virtues. One can also attempt to find out where the former client took his or her business. A subsequent analysis of the competition’s draw may assist one in modifying proposals and practices.

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Randall Cecola: The Surprising Power of Asking Questions

Randall Cecola is a recognized authority on financial and operational turnaround of businesses in distress. The Triumph Packaging Group, acquired at assignment auction, experienced significant profitability under the able leadership of Randy Cecola.

Business executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, and exceptional communicators use the power of questions to manage a conversation and to get the best possible outcome. Used in negotiation, questions are useful tools for gaining power and reaping benefits. Asking questions allows an individual to gain control, creating a social obligation for his or her conversation partner to answer. Negotiators can use questions to gather vital information, and thus to build a larger picture of the situation at hand. Those asking questions should adopt an active listening role.

Creating relationships and strong personal or professional bonds is enhanced by the use of questions. Allowing for the expression of personal interest, they also help one identify similarities. The power of the rhetoric is ever-present in the posing of rhetorical, Socratic, loaded, or leading questions. These valuable persuasive skills can convince, inspire, and compel a conversation partner to accept one’s point of view.

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